About Small Town 3D Models

My name is Doug Puckett and Small Town 3D Models is my small shop that creates 3D printed buildings and accessories for model railroading, diorama creation, and other creative uses people find for the small models (like using my Gazebo for a wedding cake topper).  All models are designed, 3D printed and prepared by me.  I take great pride in each and every model I produce and I will ship nothing that I would not feel proud to place on one of my own model railroad layouts.  I put in as much fine details as I possibly can get into these small models to make them realistic as possible.

A little History as to how this all came together.  I love model railroading.  I love 3D printing.  I love electronics (yea a nerd).  Every year I would build small models  out of balsa wood for a Christmas train display.  I've done this for many years.  I loved doing it and my relatives would love seeing what new models are in the display.

I have a large interest in older country houses, buildings, structures and such since I live just ouside an older small country town in Ohio.  We have a lot of interesting old buildings and farms along with old train stations, stores, barns, structures, and a lot more.  There is a lot there to create inspiration.

A couple years ago, I bought a 3D printer just to play around with it, not even thinking about using it for anything except playing with it.  After getting good at using the printer, I had an idea to use it to create models for my displays instead of making them out of wood.  After quite a few experiments, I had success and started creating my models with the 3D printer  from that point on. I had to really keep the printer finely tuned and that is a bit of work but it's part of the process.  Then a few of my relatives said I should be selling these models on Etsy.  After a lot of thought about how to go about it, I created an Etsy store and the rest is history.

Now I have a 3D "printer farm" with lots of 3D printers because 3D printing is painfully a slow process.  It takes many hours just to produce just one of these tiny models.  They are printed with hundreds of layers, one layer at a time.  But once completed, the results are amazing with lots of detail in such a small size. The amount of fine details is a lot more than I could create if I had built them from balsa wood.

I mainly print "N Scale" because that is what my model railroad is.   Later I may branch out into larger scales but I'm happy with producing N Scale models right now.

That's pretty much the story of "Small Town 3D Models".

This is how it all started.  One 3D printer to play with.

Here are some videos showing the 3D printers printing the actual models listed on here and Etsy.

3D Printing The Observatory Model

3D Printing  Log Cabin 1

3D Printing Another Log Cabin

3D Printing the Bank Model